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Key Points of the Newly Launched Code of Ethics?

What are the Key Points of the Newly Launched Code of Ethics?

Recently a new Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct was released by the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT).  This revised document has taken more than two years of research by industry professionals and reflects changes in industry requirements for professional Interpreters and Translators.  With changing times and even more ethical issues on the horizon this revised Code of Ethics was created to handle certain issues that were not comprehensively addressed in the original Code.

The main points for professional conduct for Interpreters and Translators are outlined below:

Professional conduct.  This will include allowing time to prepare for assignments. Any assignments accepted must be completed to the predetermined deadline.
Confidentiality.  A professional will not disclose any information about the client in any way.  Practitioners will not look to use any of this information outside of their direct responsibility in completing their assignment.

Impartiality.  Professionals will maintain a complete level of neutrality in all situations.  If personal beliefs are an issue a professional will not accept such assignments or if concerns are learned later will offer to withdraw.

Accuracy.  Interpreters and Translators will provide accurate translations of all material without distortion or omission keeping the original content of the source material in tact.

Clarity of role boundaries. While on their assignment they will not take on the roles of other professionals by giving guidance or advice and will respect other professionals in their fields at all times.

Maintaining Professional Relationships.  Professionals will request background information and a briefing before they begin work.  They will secure the optimum physical environment to allow them to effectively communicate their services to the client.

Professional development.  Interpreting and Translating is an ongoing process and professionals will continue to enhance their skills throughout their careers.

Professional solidarity.  Professionals will resolve any disputes in a professional and constructive manner.  Unresolved disputes will be referred to the National Council where the final decision will be binding.

Competence.  A practitioner will not accept any assignment they are not qualified for.  Knowledge of the specific subject, terminology and various genres are a requirement before accepting any assignment

The final section of the Code is divided into two parts for Translators and Interpreters respectively and covers issues that are likely to only be addressed in specific fields.

Meaningful Exchange Translators are well versed in the original Code of Ethics and have been advised of the updated Code.


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