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All Graduates

All Graduates is a privately owned translation and interpreting agency specialising in providing services to government, community and corporations in Australia.

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What is tyesetting?

A professionally typeset marketing document in multiple languages provides a high-quality visual means of presenting your message to your target audience.

To complement our professional translation services, All Graduates provides multilingual typesetting services, also known as multilingual desktop publishing.

What is Typesetting?

Typesetting is the process whereby a piece of communication/text is formatted within a page-layout application, using font, colour, graphics and images to present the message with optimal impact.

Typically typeset items include:

•          brochures

•          fact sheets

•          booklets and pamphlets

•          forms

•          reports and manuals

The most commonly used application to create typeset materials is Adobe InDesign. After the typesetting process is completed, these materials are usually saved as PDF for commercial printing, for transfer via email, or download from the web.

Tamil Language Translation  - script
AFL Multicultural Program recently engaged our accredited translators to develop their 31-language eBook - Australian Football Explained in 31 Languages. Each page was typeset to ensure accuracy of language script.
Click image to view typesetting examples of all 31 languages.

Multilingual Typesetting

Put simply, multilingual typesetting is when the English text in a given item is replaced by the translated language, so that the final version looks exactly like the original English, except in another language.

Why use a Professional Multilingual Typesetter?

Although this may sound simple, multilingual typesetting requires specific expertise and know-how. For example, the multilingual typesetter faces some of the following challenges:

•          Many languages occupy more or less space than English; resizing fonts and reshaping space may be required to make the layout look professional and close to the English.

•          Typesetting in Semitic languages such as Arabic and Persian read right to left, not left to right; knowledge of Arabic font sets and how they behave is essential for a perfect result.

•          Asian languages have specific rules when it comes to punctuation and line breaks, posing their own challenges to the typesetter.

If the English typesetter is not familiar with the challenges of different languages and character sets, he or she will not recognise when errors arise. To guarantee that the message presented in your marketing document is conveyed effectively across all languages, it is critical to use a professional multilingual typesetter. All typeset materials are proofread by our translators after typesetting to guarantee full integrity in the target language, ready for printing or publishing.

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