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Case Study: Western English Language School

CASE STUDY                                                                                                                                                            

Western English Language School

Based in Melbourne’s western suburbs, the Western English Language School specialises in English as a Second Language programs, educating primary and secondary students from a vast array of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Thanks to the support of All Graduates’ trained and qualified interpreters, the Western English Language School can confidently communicate with both students and parents to help with the transition into the Australian education system.

School Principal, Yolette Dezilwa, says All Graduates offer an invaluable service to the school thanks to the professionalism of the trained and qualified translators and interpreters they provide.

“Having access to a highly qualified, professional group of people who are mindful of their responsibilities is an enormous boon to us. All Graduates’ interpreters are very well trained and so culturally aware – it’s fantastic,” Ms Dezilwa said.

“In the past when we’ve had to use community members to interpret or translate, we can’t be 100 per cent sure they will respect the privacy of our students and their families. Having well trained interpreters is so important because we know private matters, such as a trauma in the family, won’t go back to the community.”

With 450 students across five sites, the Western English Language School regularly needs All Graduates’ services for critical school activities – from parent teacher interviews and enrolments to student incidents and emergencies.

Daily Organiser and Timetabler, Deb Lazrevic, is responsible for booking interpreters and translators and says All Graduates’ efficient and innovative service makes them a pleasure to deal with every time.

“We need interpreters for so many different reasons and All Graduates always meets our needs. Sometimes we need up to 30 or 40 interpreters at one time for parent teacher interviews and if we can’t get the full number onsite, we have the option of using All Graduates’ video services,” Ms Lazrevic said.

“I can’t think of a single time we haven’t been satisfied with All Graduates. They always inform us if they are having trouble finding a particular interpreter and they offer alternative solutions. I can even check online how many interpreters they have found – it’s just fantastic all round, from the booking system to the professionalism of the interpreters they provide.”

While interpreting and translating services are essential for a school like the Western English Language School, there is an increasing need for these services in mainstream educational institutions too. According to Ms Dezilwa, the only issue with interpreters and translators in Australia’s education system is that they are not used enough.

“Most mainstream schools would not even think to provide an interpreter for families and students who do not speak English ­– they just give newly arrived parents big wads of information to fill out in English. Like so many other situations they encounter, their lack of English is seen as an irritation,” Ms Dezilwa said.

Aside from the practical need for interpreters and translators, Ms Dezilwa said it also shows their students and families that they are worthwhile enough to be communicated with in their language.

“All Graduates’ translators and interpreters are so very supportive of other people from their culture and so empathetic. By offering their services to our students, it tells the parent and the child that they are important. It says ‘you’re important enough for us to have someone who speaks your language here’,” Ms Dezilwa said.

“The parents are so surprised that we go to so much trouble to organise interpreters for them. It’s wonderful to see how happy they are.”

With about half a million people living in Australia who can’t speak English, the role of interpreters and translators in Australian society is becoming increasingly important. For the Western English Language School, All Graduates enables the school to run professionally and efficiently, helping newly arrived students and their families participate in Australia’s education system and society.

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