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All Graduates launches Language Tip Sheets

All Graduates Interpreting and Translating Services  and our telephone and video interpreting specialist service InterpreterLine, have launched a series of Language Tip Sheets to navigate the potential pitfalls of selecting the right language interpreter for their client. Each downloadable and online information sheet addresses languages that are commonly requested.


“When a client contacts us, our Booking Coordinators will always ask several questions to ensure we book the most suitable interpreter. We’ve produced these Tip Sheets to save our clients time and give them confidence that they’re booking the right language interpreter.” says CEO Ismail Akinci.

Academic language expertise

Language Consultant and Translating and Interpreting Lecturer, Dr Uldis Ozolins created the content for each of the initial five information sheets. The publication aims to prevent easily avoidable errors for clients booking an interpreter or translator in that language.


Dr Ozolins highlights the languages that our community services sector are more likely to come across in the future. Historical references illustrate the evolution of a language and although a brief and succinct mention, provide essential insight. For example, when discussing Swahiliin the Languages of East Africa Language Tip Sheet he writes: ” it became the official national language of Tanzania, one of the relatively few African languages that have been given this status in preference to former colonial languages.”


Five Language Tip Sheets

Did you know that:

Burmese and Chin languages

  • Some Chin speak standard Burmese, but this will vary greatly by age, work experience and education level.
  • Generally, Chin State is one of the most remote, mountainous, and least developed regions inhabited by indigenous hill tribes of Myanmar.

We suggest you view the following websites for more information: - An excellent overview is given by the SouthEast Region Migrant Resource Centre for all minority groups from Burma.


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Sudanese Arabic and Arabic

  • Accredited Arabic interpreters will have no difficulty coping with the main varietes of Arabic spoken in Australia – from Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. But Sudanese Arabic is very different.
  • Arabic is what is called a multi-polar language, spoken in a large number of countries and regions, but with significant variations.


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Traditional and Simplified Chinese

  • The majority of clients from China will need Mandarin, but a minority will speak other varieties.
  • If someone asks for a ‘Chinese’ translation, there are two standard written varieties – Traditional script and Simplified script.


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Emerging Languages of East Africa

  •  Somali, while it is written with a Latin script, is a Semitic language, close to Arabic.
  • Kiswahili means the language of Swahili.


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Emerging Languages of Afghanistan

  • Pushto is the same language as Pashto
  • Someone from Afghanistan is likely to speak one of three languages
  • Farsi is the modern name for the national language of Iran, also known by its older name Persian?


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Downloadable and online

Shared with existing clients, they are available on both the InterpreterLine website and All Graduates’ website .



Dr Uldis Ozolins, Language Consultant

Dr Ozolins has taught Translating and Interpreting studies at our preferred education partner, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University). His consultancy practice Language Solutions has been regularly engaged in the previous two decades to provide language services to All Graduates and its specialist services.



For more information

For further information on these languages or to request additional sheets, please contact:

Stephanie Mayne
Marketing and Communications Manager
61 3 9605 3099


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