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Translations Service Summary

We Help you to Act Globally. Speak Locally.

AllGraduates is a leading translation and interpreting company in Australia composed of language experts that offer a wide range of professional services.


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Our Services


AllGraduates has been providing fast, accurate and professional translation services for more than 20 years, enabling clients to expand their reach and become globally competitive.


Our professional translators are proficient in over 100 languages and highly experienced in a range of translation projects.


Our translation and interpreting services include:


  1. Document Translation
  2. Multilingual Typesetting (desktop publishing)
  3. In-language voiceover production
  4. In-language subtitling
  5. Audio and video transcription
  6. Translation and localisation of websites and software
  7. Community focus group testing


Contact AllGraduates to enquire about our translation services.

Quality Assurance


Our definition of a quality product is a translation that is:


  1. Technically and linguistically accurate and relevant to the reader
  2. Consistent with the client’s objectives and approved terminology
  3. In a style and format expected by the client
  4. Delivered according to the schedule and pricing agreed with the client.


Examples of our Work in the Market

  1. The Victorian Department of Education and
  2. Early Childhood Development publications
  3. Financial Services Ombudsman publications. View here
  4. The Western Australian Department of Health’s
  5. Alcohol and Drug Information Service. View here

Our Languages


At All Graduates, we have developed a comprehensive database of trusted translators, catering for a wide range of subject areas.


The majority of our translators are NAATI accredited to Level 3 (National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters - NAATI-  is the national standards and accreditation body for translators and interpreters in Australia).


We also have reliable resources in emerging community languages and are prepared for the growing demand in this area.

Our Process


All our projects follow a strict quality-controlled process starting with analysis of the client objective and source materials. NAATI translators are selected according to their expertise in the subject matter of your document. Following the translation, a second independent translator is selected to check the work of the first translator, to ensure accuracy. The finished translation is quality checked according to stringent guidelines by your assigned project manager, prior to delivery.


For all typesetting projects, an extra step of checking is added after the typesetting is complete, to ensure no errors have arisen during the typesetting process. For very large volume projects, please contact us for information on how the industry standard tool SDLTrados can be utilised to benefit to your budget.


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