Interpreting & Translating

Welcome to the All Graduates Professional Development and Training division.

Our aim is to support our panel of interpreters/translators to perform optimally by better understanding the contextual and institutional requirements specifically for our clients.

We also provide specialised training for professionals working with interpreters/translators e.g. Cultural Awareness Training, How To Effectively Work With an Interpreter & How To Prepare For a Translation.


Sessions are delivered live or as online workshops, webinars and on-demand pre-recorded courses. We will also present Q&A panel discussions/interviews facilitated by an industry experts. The panel will comprise T&Is, user client representatives (eg. Hospital language services manager), All Graduates translations project managers/interpreter coordinators.

Industry experts (eg. police, teacher, clinician, judge), educators (T&I teachers), industry bodies (AUSIT, ASLIA, PA) and government policy departments will join the discussions as appropriate.

Regular sessions will be organised and posted on our website under this section (CONVERSATIONS: Professional Development). Emails invites will also be sent to our T&I panel.

All Graduates supports the new NAATI practitioners’ certification and recertification. Participants will be provided with certificates and PD points towards their NAATI recertification.