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At All Graduates, we provide a reliable document translation service catering to a wide range of personal documents. Whether it’s translating a passport, a birth certificate, or a power of attorney document, our NAATI Certified translators are at your service.

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Certify Your Translations with NAATI Stamps

Are you in need of certified translations for official purposes? Look no further! At All Graduates Interpreting and Translating, we ensure the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism by using NAATI translator stamps, where applicable.

What is a NAATI Translator Stamp?

A NAATI translator stamp serves as a mark of authenticity and quality assurance for translated documents. It is issued to certified translators by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) upon certification and recertification.


Physical Translator Stamps 

Upon receiving certification or recertification, translators are provided with a physical stamp, which includes a “valid to” date indicating the expiration date of their credential. However, it’s essential to note that translations DO NOT have an expiry date and this date doesn’t render the translation invalid; it simply denotes the credential’s status at the time of issuance.

Digital Stamps

In addition to physical stamps, NAATI also offers digital stamps, equipped with enhanced security features. These digital stamps resemble their physical counterparts but offer added security measures for digital documents.


For more information on NAATI certification stamps, visit the NAATI Practitioner Identification link on the NAATI website.

Why Choose NAATI-Certified Translations?

Translations bearing NAATI stamps signify adherence to rigorous standards of accuracy and professionalism. They are widely recognized and accepted for official purposes across various industries and government agencies.


Wide Range of Document Translation Services 

Our expert team is capable of translating various documents, including but not limited to:


Power of Attorney Translation

Bank Statement Translation

Fact Sheet Translation

Divorce Certificate Translation

Passport Translation

Driver’s Licence Translation

Marriage Certificate Translation

Death Certificate Translation

Birth Certificate Translation

Police Clearance Translation

Academic Transcript Translation

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Types of documents for translation

The Value of Certified Translation Services 

It’s not just about translating documents. We believe in delivering accurate and certified translation services that you can trust. So whether it’s a marriage certificate or an academic transcript, you’ll know that the translation is authentic and reliable.

Fast and Reliable Translation and Interpreting Services 

We know that speed is often crucial when it comes to translating personal documents. That’s why we aim to offer a fast yet reliable translating and interpreting service, without compromising on quality.

Fast and reliable translation services Sydney and Melbourne

A Multilingual Solution for Everyone 

Our translation services are not limited to any particular location. So whether you’re looking for translation services in Sydney, translation services in Melbourne, translation services in Perth, translation services in Adelaide, translation services in Brisbane or translation services in Tasmania, we’ve got you covered.

Specialized Translation Services 

In addition to personal document translation, we also offer specialized services like:

Single Status Certificate Translation

Visa Document Translation

Medical Report Translation

Website Translation Service

Research Translator

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