The 2023 All Graduates Interpreting and Translating Language Services Medal was awarded to Ngạc Thủy Han Do.

All Graduates
All Graduates | 26 Feb 2023

All Graduates was a proud sponsor of the 2023 Multicultural NSW Premier’s Harmony Dinner. Hosted by the Minister for Multiculturalism, in the presence of the Premier of New South Wales, the Premier’s Harmony Dinner is a glittering gala to recognise and celebrate the significant contributions made by our multicultural leaders.

Our CEO Ismail Akinci awarded the All Graduates Interpreting and Translating Language Services Medal to Ngạc Thủy Han Do.

All Graduates is a proud sponsor of this event and award. The award recognises the achievements of an interpreter or translator for the role they play in ensuring that the community of NSW has access to essential information and services.

Ngạc Thủy Han Do began her language services career in Vietnam in 1987 and came to Australia in 2008 to care for her elderly parents in Sydney. In 2012, Thuy gained national accreditation as an interpreter and continues to provide language services to the Australian Vietnamese community. Thuy contributes to her community outside her work, providing language services to those who need help, especially those living with disability. She sees her role as one who helps to break down barriers to ensure everyone is included in our society.

Congratulations Thuy and thank you for your service to the community and All Graduates.